About Us

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Acclaimed Pet Shipping Company

Premier Pet Travel takes pride in providing our customers with state-of-the-art transportation equipment. We have great relationships with our clients and airline carriers in the country.

We offer a friendly, helpful service our customers deserve. With our dedication, we have grown into one of the most comprehensive and well-respected pet shipping company.

Our Experience

We are experienced breeders for over 20 years now and started transporting pets in the last two years. We will give you a price that’s better than what you can get anywhere else for your pet transportation. We are the only company providing a climate-controlled trailer for the most comfortable ride for your pet.

Monitored Travel

We have a glucose monitoring and microchip scanner available on board. We also provide an experienced puppy sitter 24/7 with your pet at all times.

Our team provides the most stress-free travel experience for your pet. We make this possible by providing comfort, care, and cleanliness for your pet in transit.